Every year - Millions of animals around the world are brutally roadkill’d. It’s about damn time they took a stand - and took things into their own paws. Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit and Deer Joe are here, and they’re not taking any sh!t from anyone.


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Hit Frequency

11 091 x bet

Max payout

1 in 239

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Roadkill’s arguably more balanced than some of Nolimit City’s heavyweights, but no less amusing for it.
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Roadkill is yet another innovative casino slot from Nolimit City, known for making games that stand out from the basic ones. It introduces players to a bizarre world where animals like Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit, and Deer Joe team up to thwart the menacing rednecks, Hilly and Billy, from running them over on a country road. The game's quirky theme is supported by a cartoonish design. The slot offers a wide range of features, and it might take a while for the player to understand everything that can happen in this forgotten part of the world. One cool feature is the Jumping Wild Symbols, each with its own unique abilities. Papa Bear provides multipliers, Fred the Rabbit leaves behind Wild symbols, and Deer Joe splits symbols when blocking cars. The cars also add something extra when they pass by on rows between the spins in the features Call to Arms, Team Assemble Bonus Game, and Junkyard Assault Bonus Game. Roadkill’s max win of 11,091X the bet is lower than in several other games from the company, but it is still something worth fighting for. It triggers once in 25 million spins on average. The RTP of 96.05% is also solid and shouldn’t stop anyone from trying out the game. Roadkill by Nolimit City brings humor and excitement in a game where animals turn into heroes as they try to stop Hilly and Billy from running them over.
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Graphically superb, the Roadkill slot is another example from Nolimit City of a unique theme/approach which is sure to excite players. The brilliant soundtrack in the bonus features and the humorous take on the subject matter can be considered controversial yet welcome. Visually, it has similarities to NLC’s xWays Hoarder xSplit. In terms of the gameplay, having a read through the bonus features will surely leave you confused. What I do like is that you don’t get a certain number of free spins from the features. You play until you run out of hearts. Keep an eye out for the 3 Jumping Wilds which enable Collectors when colliding with cars. Armoured hearts keep the features going for longer too. The Jumping Wilds add a general multiplier which can reach 5x, split wilds which will lead to more ways to win and trappers which block cars from crossing the road and removing/damaging hearts. I particularly like the Junkyard Assault feature where all 3 Jumping Wilds are upgraded and the 2 cars try to cross the road on every spin. If you’re lucky enough to play the Roadblock feature, Jumping Wilds transform a row each. This can lead to wilds, split rows and a 2x multiplier on the 3×3 Wild. If you stop both cars, you’ll benefit from a 3×3 Wild on the 3 middle reels. With 11,091 x bet max wins, it’s much lower than the 36,000 x bet found in Road Rage (Roadkill’s predecessor). That said, the max win probability is 1 in 25 million spins compared to 1 in 80 million. You can achieve the max win more easily in the bonus features though. It will hit every 200,000 spins in Team Assemble and every 6,300 spins in Junkyard Assault. If there’s ever a slot game you need to play in demo mode before playing for real, this is it. A few hundred spins will soon start to make sense. In summary, Roadkill is another entertaining slot from Nolimit City that offers unique gameplay and a quirky approach thematically. It may not offer the max win potential of other NLC titles but that’s a minor gripe in my opinion.
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Roadkill is a witty, massively enjoyable production where visuals competently support the mechanics and vice versa. The clash between animals and humans on the road has never been so spectacular and amusing.
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Base Game
Top 10 Winners

Game Features

Call to Arms image
Call to Arms

Two Scatter symbols triggers the Call To Arms and applies two normal hearts. If the third Scatter symbol lands during this mode, it triggers Team Assemble Freespins and restores any normal hearts which has been lost. The game mode ends as soon there are no more hearts left.

Collectors image

The Collector is enabled whenever a Jumping Wild animal is in play. Each Collector has a visual connection to its corresponding Jumping Wild by color and type. Whenever a car gets stopped by the Jumping Wild, increases the corresponding Collector value by 1. If the Collector reaches its cap count by 5, it triggers the upgrade feature by enhancing its Jumping Wild depending on the type. When upgrade feature is being triggered, upgrade a normal heart to become an armored heart from left at the heart list. If any heart is missing, add an armored heart from the left on the heart list instead. The Collectors counter gets removed if the cap has been reached

Papa Bear image
Papa Bear

Acts as a Jumping Wild by moving to a random position inside the Battle Area(reel 2, 3 and 4), between rounds. Below explains how the Papa Bear Wild works: • When active, a general multiplier gets enabled. • Tries to move 1 step every second spin and in any direction. • Can only block a car once by damaging it for two hit points from left and right. • Whenever a car gets stopped, increase the general multiplier by 1x to maximum of 5x and its Collector by one. If its Collector reaches the cap by 5: • Apply a permanent x2 multiplier on the Jumping Wild until the end of the bet.

Fred The Rabbit image
Fred The Rabbit

Acts as a Jumping Wild by moving to a random position inside the Battle Area(reel 2, 3 and 4), between rounds. Below explains how the Fred The Rabbit works: • Acts as a Trapper. • Moves anywhere on every spin inside the Battle Area. • Can block a car multiple times by damaging it for one hit point from left and right. • Whenever a car has been stopped, it leaves behind a Wild from its current position then jumps to a new empty position. If its Collector reaches the cap by 5: During its first jump, apply a Trap once on its starting position. The Trap can only block and damage a car once and turns itself to a Wild if the car got stopped by it. If the Trap fails to stop or hit any car, it gets removed before the spin stops.

Deer Joe image
Deer Joe

Acts as a Jumping Wild by moving to a random position inside the Battle Area(reel 2, 3 and 4), between rounds. Below explains how Deer Joe works: • Acts as a Split Wild and triggers only if it blocks a car. • Tries to move 1 step on every spin and in any direction. • Can only block a car once by damaging it for one hit point from left and right. • Whenever a car gets blocked, it splits all the symbols on the same row and direction where the car comes from. If its Collector reaches the cap by 5, the Split feature will now slice all the rows instead of one.

Hilly and Billy Cars image
Hilly and Billy Cars

Gets enabled whenever animals are in play and triggers only between spins. There are two types of cars: Green - Hilly’s Car (1 Hit point) • Always comes in first on every round. • Requires to be hit once to be stopped. Red - Billy’s Car (2 Hit points) • Only comes in on every fifth round during Team Assemble or no every round during Junkyard Assault. • Requires to be hit twice to be stopped. Whenever any car comes into play, it travels across the reel area starting from the right side and on a random row. If a Jumping Wild manages to block the car, remove one hit point from it. If its hit-point reaches zero, the car gets stopped. If the car manages to traverse the area from the right without getting stopped, the car will pick again a random row and traverse starting from the left side. A successful back and forth will either damage an armoured heart or remove a normal heart starting from the right on the heart list. The feature stops whenever there are no more hearts in play

Roadblock image

Gets triggered by collecting a total of 20 hits which gets enabled for the next spin. The feature starts by restoring any normal hearts and transforms all the Jumping Wilds to cover a whole row each on the Battle Area. When applied, Hilly and Billy cars come into play and hits one row each randomly and triggers a feature based on the row hit: • Top - Adds one Wild randomly on reel 5. • Middle - Split all the rows on Reel 5. • Bottom - Multiply the 3x3 Wild by Two This order will always be the same and each row can be hit twice. When both of the cars have been stopped, all three of the rows now convert into one big 3x3 Wild, covering the whole Battle Area. After the payout has been done, the 3x3 Wild now splits back into the Jumping Wilds and the Total Collector now starts from 0

Team Assemble image
Team Assemble

Triggers by having collected a total of 3 Scatters during the Base Game or Call To Arms. When triggered, apply three hearts or restore any normal hearts that have been lost. The Red car gets enabled and comes in together with the green car during every fifth spin. Can traverse to the bonus feature Junkyard Assault if all three of the Jumping Wilds have been upgraded. The game mode ends as soon as there are no more hearts left.

Junkyard Assault image
Junkyard Assault

Triggers only if all the three Jumping WIlds have been upgraded. When triggered, apply three hearts or restore any normal hearts that have been lost. The red car now comes into play on every spin as same as the green car. The Jumping Wilds individual Collectors get replaced with one Total Collector starting from 0 which now triggers the Roadblock every time it reaches its cap. The game mode ends as soon as there are no more hearts left.

Kings of the Road image
Kings of the Road

The max payout of the game is 11,091 times the base bet. When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and 11,091 times the base bet is awarded.

Nolimit Bonus Buy image
Nolimit Bonus Buy

Buy your way straight into the different bonus features, ranging from 100x to 500 times the base bet. • Team Assemble Bonus can be bought for 60 times bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00. • Junkyard Assault Bonus can be bought for 500 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00. • Lucky Draw can be bought for 200 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €100.00.

The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets.

Game xMechanics

xSplit® image

xSplit® was first made available within xWays Hoarder xSplit, released in July 2021. On this first occasion, xSplit symbols go a long way towards assisting wins through the feature, as any xSplit symbols in view to the right of a Scatter symbol will turn the Scatter into a Super Scatter symbol – which within this release assists in progressing the feature through several levels. However, aside from the progression through bonus levels, xSplit as individual symbols increase win ways during base play. Any xSplit symbol in view will split all symbols to the left of it into two, increasing the ways to win. After this, the xSplit symbols will turn into wilds – for the potential of huge wins.